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Updated 7/29/2019

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The quality and reliability of today's automobiles are dependent in part on its electrical system to operate as designed within the vehicle’s anticipated electromagnetic environment.  To meet this challenge, Ford Motor Company has developed and implemented robust processes to assure the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) of the vehicle’s electrical system.   These processes include EMC requirements for both the complete vehicle in addition the requirements for components and subsystems that make up the vehicle’s total electrical system.  These combined performance requirements assure that the vehicle will operate as designed without being affected by its anticipated  electromagnetic environment thus meeting customer quality expectations.

This resource serves as the single source for EMC related information including:

  • Component and subsystem EMC requirements / test methods
  • EMC laboratory requirements and recognition
  • Design Guidelines
  • Timely updates of EMC requirements
  • General information regarding EMC

This resource was created primarily to serve Ford Motor Company suppliers in addition to independent providers of EMC testing services.